{Public Speaking & Personality Development for Kids}

Learning Outcome & Key Features & Benefits:

Students will become comfortable speaking their minds to their classmates as well as larger audiences of people that they don’t know personally.

Language: {ENGLISH}

Instructors: {ISHLEEN KAUR}

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Max Viewing Hours: 8 Hours

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Why this course?


The world today is competitive and seek extra from every kid. In this scenario, your kid needs to perform better than the others. Without proper training and skills, winning is not possible. Perfection does not happen overnight and it takes a lot more than extra time, hard work and struggle. This is where Personality Development for kids comes in. When things are planned from the early stage, learning gets really easy.

The class aims at training young minds to be comfortable while communicating to large groups of people. This program also teaches students how to structure speech and use eye contact and good body language to communicate in an effective manner.

Course Curriculum

Public Speaking 5:30 TO 6:30 - Tuesday DEC 22
Public Speaking 5:30 to 6:30 -Friday DEC 25

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